New York – Day 14 – Final Day of Tour

The Bearden Project @ The Studio Harlem

I really enjoyed the short walk from the Subway station to our next gallery The Studio Museum Harlem. Harlem is a beautiful cultural part of New York which I really wish I could of spent longer exploring. “The Studio Museum in Harlem is the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by black culture. It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society.” [via The Bearden Project]

Various Artistis - "The Bearden Project" @ The Studio Harlem

Studios Museum latest exhibition “The Bearden Project” is a collection of artwork from contemporary artist who have all been influence by Romare Barden. Romare Bearden was a forerunner in African-American art in the United States and was a major contributor to early days of The Studio Museum Harlem. During Bearden long career he was established as a artist for his collage style artworks. Each of the Artist took inspiration form his unique style and created works influenced by Bearden.

I really appreciated how the artist interpreted Bearden’s work into contemporary pieces of art. One piece in particular was a video montage by Nicole-Miller. The video really took the collage aspect of Bearden’s work and made it 21 century applying multi leveled videos and websites.

Tom Evans

Tom Evans @ Sideshow Gallery

[Image Via White Elephant]

The afternoon was spent on a guided tour of galleries in the district of Williamsburg. The tour it’s self was great. Having someone who knew so much about art in the area was a massive benefit but i personally didn’t feel I got to experience Williamsburg for what it is. I really wish I could of gone back there to fully experience the culture.

Two of the shows which stood out for me was a series of paintings by Tom Evans and an installation by Caroline McCarthy. Tom Evans paintings had such a vibrate colour palette they made you excited looking at them. He has a great gift of keeping all of the bright colours at their Purest form(reminded me of De Kooning works at MoMA).

McCarthy’s exhibition utilized the whole space by placing coloured straws along the floor creases and walls. Each trail of straws leading to a main sculpture in the middle which was a collection of object found in her studio. Opposite the sculpture was a delicate series of paintings with a similar concept of the installation but transformed onto canvas.

Caroline McCarthy @ Parkers Box Gallery

Caroline McCarthy - "Made To Measure" @ Parkers Box Gallery

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